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About Us

What & Who is is no secret.

Owned and operated by a small dedicated team of 2 skilled people who are motivated to help others in their community as much as they can.

With the recent closure of BackPage & other subsequent websites that were profitable advertising platforms that helped to sustain incomes for so many of us, we have decided that it's time to take our skills to the industry that we both adore and to do everything possible to help at a time of great upset & world wide bewilderment.

The 2 people we speak of are Rose La'Belle, an elite companion that has been in the adult industry for 30+ years.

Because of the newly enacted SEST & FOSTA laws in the US trying to tackle sex trafficking in a very detrimental way along with you,Rose La'Belle has been affected through this chaos and is your keyboard soldier, doing what she can for her tribe. Armed with with her education & ' real world' experience in software and website development, She knows both the tech and the adult industries at an expert level and can provide fair and honest assistance in any thing you may need help with.

The second half of VerifiedPink is a webmaster magician & IT guru named Mimby, and he is a 20+ year veteran in the adult industry and the owner of numerous successful adult content websites that cater to our industry.

He is by no means a newbie and has a complete understanding of the industry and wants to make a difference where he can.

This site is free for now, and may change in the future for administration expenses, this site is not about a money making opportunity, rather about having the opportunity to combine her love of both industries in creating a beautiful, easy to use worldwide advertising platform for you to establish as a connection between clients & providers. This our result of the outcry that has broken our hearts and we want to help in any way possible.

VerifiedPink is all about empowering adult industry workers and assisting them in any way possible along their journey of success, happiness & abundance! We must look out for one another. We are nobody's competition, we are all connected and we are an empowered collective that supports one another to grow & flourish in their careers. Scammers have no place within

We may have built this but are counting on you within the adult industry community to spread it to your tribes.

We all have the right to live without the fear of losing everything our life is about. We all have the right to live empowered and not shamed & safely.

This new law changes everything for our country, stateside and international sisterhood / tribe but that does not mean that there isn't a way out.

A well spoken twitter friend tweeted that the day backpage was seized, “it’s as if all of us showed up to work and the building was gone... Imagine”.

With VerifiedPink, we are rebuilding that building for you, for us, for our future colleagues, for our beloved industry.

Rose has watched the industry that she embraced at a young age, develop into this meat market mentality that has brought open doors to scammer, ratchets, & abusers and has allowed them a platform to do their dirty business therefore tarnishing our industry to an almost irreparable state.

Not us. Not VerifiedPink. We are based, and operated outside of the USA & do not fall within the laws of that country so our site is safe.

It will not promote sex trafficking at any level. It will not give a platform to scammers and crime. All participants must be verified providers with verifiable links. All ads are moderated until a level of trust can be placed between the site and the provider to ensure this.

Please join us in sharing this platform to every provider and client you know.

Join in with spreading the word! With that, you will be helping to bring back what this industry so badly needs...Accountability & Authenticity!

We truly love you and wish much abundance, happiness, health & success!

Rose & Mimby