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Rules are very important to a working community, regardless of the topic.

keeping it simple at, the rules for providers are similar to those for the gentlemen that contact them through and choosing to not follow them will get your IP banned from viewing / posting for a specified amount of time or permanently, depending on the situation & yes, we can do that. Do we want to? absolutely no. It's simple, please behave.

  1. Keep it simple, keep it authentic. Be honest in your transactions & charge what you feel your value is and refrain from undercutting your fellow SW's. We cant police this, but Karma will.
  2. Never ever post an ad for "specials", we just aren't that kind of advertising platform and this will as all ads will, be monitored for any breakage of these rules. Respect your clients & yourselves.
  3. Do not offer what you cannot give. Too many clients have been promised the world and received less than a parking space, don't be THAT person.
  4. Post only pictures of you and no one else. We are going to be on the lookout for those that think they can slip one past us, we are very good at figuring that stuff out & your ad will be deleted and your account suspended.
  5. Embrace yourself and all your flaws, love yourself and the gifts that you bring to the adult industry, be authentically you! If you need assistance in blurring out tattoos or your face, please email us, we are happy to help. Be safe & have fun.

  1. We will ask only a few things from you when you contact the provider of your choice. Be respectful. READ THEIR ENTIRE AD BEFORE CALLING THEM, to alleviate any wasted time or unnecessary questions. This can speed things up when you are searching for the right provider for your needs.
  2. Never negotiate or low ball. A quality experience comes at a price. If you can't afford to play with someone, don't insult her or try to barter. Kindly find someone else that is within your budget or save up a bit more for your play date. This industry has gone downhill because men play the ladies against each other in search of a bargain. Don't be THAT guy.
  3. If you confirm a booking with a provider and need to cancel, do the right thing and provide a cancellation fee to her. She has scheduled the time for you which means that she lost out on that time with another client and because your plans change, it's not fair to affect her income and time like that. It is that behavior that has added much unneeded stress to our industry ladies. Can we police this? No, but Karma will.
  4. It's all about RESPECT and that only serves everyone well. Be THAT guy.
  5. When you are with your provider whether in person or on-line, treat her with respect. Help us to restore this industry back to one of quality & integrity. Be safe & have fun.

From the team @